Jurassic World

Kids rule at Jurassic World

From the Innovation Center to the Aquatic Park, every element is designed for maximum education—and most of all, fun. We welcome kids to explore, play and roar like every young T. rex should.

Jurassic Coloring Posters

Color Jurassic World the way you see it with our one-of-a-kind Cretaceous Cruise poster.

Coloring poster with crayon

Jurassic World Crossword

Criss-cross through Jurassic World’s species of D-I-N-O-S in this fun-filled puzzle.

Jurassic World Word Search

Unearth what Jurassic World has in store with a word search containing the park’s greatest living creations.

Word searches
Kids in Creation Lab

Creation Lab

The perfect place to learn about de-extinction firsthand, the Creation Lab tour will take you on an enchanting step-by-step walk through the scientific process that breathes life into Jurassic World.

Brian Switek

Paleontologist One-on-One

Learn dino-history from Jurassic extinction to modern-day rebirth in a one-on-one session with JurassicWorld.com’s resident paleontologist Brian Switek.

Dinosaur egg

Dinosaur Hatching

Witness Jurassic World’s baby dinos break out of their shells before your eyes in the Creation Lab’s Hatchery. See these little miracles squawk to life before they’re taken to the nursery.

Kids excavating

Excavation Exploration

Have some fossil-fueled fun. Dig through the Earth’s layers and learn how paleobiologists discovered everything they knew about dinosaurs in pre-Jurassic World times.


Guided Gyrosphere Tour

Take a rolling tour through living history as our Isla Nublar guides bring you closer than ever to Jurassic World’s dino-residents in our Gyrospheres.


Mr. DNA Meet & Greet

Learn about dinosaur genetics at Jurassic World the Mr. DNA way! Dive into a double-helix adventure and learn about the process our Creation Lab uses. It’s the only tour at Jurassic World that goes inside of our dinosaurs.

Stuffed dinosaur

Create Your Own Stuffed Dinosaur

Ever wanted to take your very own Apatosaurus home? Now you can with our Create Your Own Dino workshop at the Jurassic Traders Outpost.

Ben & Jerry’s Logo

Ben & Jerry’s

Get a taste of Ben & Jerry’s classics and nowhere-else-on-Earth Jurassic World creations like Stegosaurus Crunch and Dino Egg Cookie Dough.

Dave & Buster’s Logo

Dave & Buster’s

The perfect break for kids of all ages. Enjoy games, great wings and a cool air-conditioned atmosphere with plenty of big screens.

Kids watching show

Jurassic Kids’ Club

Designed by kids for kids, the Jurassic Kids’ Club is a safe, supervised place for your children to lord over Jurassic World. No adults allowed!

Close-up photo of dinosaur egg

Egg Spinner

Spin until your brain’s scrambled on our exciting recreation of the Hammond Creation Lab’s egg spinner. You’ll have so much fun, you might feel like you’ve been genetically resequenced.

View of landscape and sky at the Aviary at Jurassic World


Behold the wonder of our flying Pteranodons and Dimorphodons as they soar through our enclosed aviary.

Water at the Aquatic Park at Jurassic World

Aquatic Park

Cannonball! Dive into prehistory and splash around like a Mosasaurus. Corkscrew down our 3-story Double Helix water slide or chillax in a Cretaceous Cabana. Sunscreen highly recommended.

Close-up of underwater plants

Underwater Observatory

See what it’s like to come face to face with the world’s only Mosasaur in the ultimate underwater tunnel. Just a few inches of glass stand between you and this magnificent predator’s gaping jaws.