Jurassic World


We call it “de-extinction.” Our scientists and technology have brought dinosaurs back to life. Now you can experience and explore this new Age of Dinosaur and Man living together. You and your family will learn about the past, present and future of this wondrous new epoch throughout Jurassic World.

Resident Paleontologist

Brian is JurassicWorld.com’s chief dinosaur expert. His role is to help the world understand our new Age of Dinosaurs, as these magnificent creatures have gone from fossil-fueled speculation to Jurassic World reality.

Photo of Jurassic World's chief dinosaur expert Brian Switek


For the first time in history, man and dinosaur share the earth together. And it only happens in one place on the planet—Jurassic World. These incredible animals were brought back to life after millions of years for you to see, hear and even touch in person. The excitement and wonder you’ll feel is truly like nothing else. Book your trip to Isla Nublar now and experience a new age of adventure for yourself. Welcome to Jurassic World.

Entrance of Jurassic World's Innovation Center

Samsung Innovation Center

Learn more about Jurassic World’s dinosaurs through interactive exhibits, exciting activities and more.

Artwork on wall at Jurassic World's Guest Services

Guest Services

Your journey begins at Guest Services. Our Isla Guides are always available to answer your questions and guide you to the right attractions.

Close-up of mosquito stuck in amber

Creation Lab

The Creation Lab is Ground Zero of the new Age of Dinosaur and Man. It’s here that we extract genetic material from our amber deposits, resequence the DNA and then breathe life into the greatest animals ever to walk the earth. Make sure to visit the birthplace of the modern dinosaur on your visit.

Entrance doors to IMAX theatre


The world’s biggest animals deserve the world’s biggest 3D IMAX screen, with a sound system so powerful it could wake a sleeping T. rex. Our fully climate-controlled theatre shows a variety of exciting, educational films so realistic it’s like the dinosaurs are right there in the theatre with you.

The Twilight of Man Walking Tour

Take a walk on the wild side with this exclusive twilight tour. When the sun goes down, our experienced Isla Explorers will lead the way as our park’s nocturnal creatures start their day with a terrifying roar.