Jurassic World


Isla Nublar is jam-packed full of prehistoric thrills, exhilarating rides, exciting attractions, and fun for everyone, whether you’re 6 years old or 65 million years old.

Innovation Center

Science is brought to life through interactive exhibits that delight and excite! Visit our high-tech Samsung Innovation Center to connect with the past and visit the future with groundbreaking exhibits, larger-than-life interactive films, and hands-on activities.

Water at the Aquatic Park at Jurassic World

Aquatic Park

Cannonball! Dive into prehistory and splash around like a Mosasaurus. Corkscrew down our 3-story Double Helix water slide or chillax in a Cretaceous Cabana. Sunscreen highly recommended.

Landscape view from the Gondola Lift at Jurassic World

Gondola Lift

Go above and beyond when you ride the Gondola Lift to the top of Isla Nublar, where on a clear day, you can see forever.

Close-up photo of dinosaur egg

Egg Spinner

Spin until your brain’s scrambled on our exciting recreation of the Hammond Creation Lab’s egg spinner. You’ll have so much fun, you might feel like you’ve been genetically resequenced.

View of landscape and sky at the Aviary at Jurassic World


Behold the wonder of our flying Pteranodons and Dimorphodons as they soar through our enclosed aviary.

Kayakers paddling the river on a Cretaceous Cruise

Cretaceous Cruise

Paddle with the plant-eaters down Isla Nublar’s pristine river on a Cretaceous Cruise that will leave you breathless. Experience over 100 species of prehistoric life as our veteran tour guides take you on a kayak trip that spans 145 million years. A high level of fitness and endurance is required.

Close-up photo of bamboo stalks

Bamboo Forest

Stride through stalks of bamboo on our self-paced jungle trail. Open dawn to dusk, this intimate hike is perfect for newlyweds and families alike to explore.

Close-up photo of plant leaf

Botanical Gardens

Stop gaping at the Apatosaurs and start delighting in over 2,000 kinds of Jurassic flora as you walk the grounds of our beautifully cultivated gardens. Or step off the beaten path into a wild primordial forest not seen for millions of years.

Golf course with view of beach in background

Golf Course

Isla Nublar’s magnificent Jurassic golf course is 18 holes worth of world-class links. The magnificent 16th, known as the Mosasaurus Mouth for its water hazards, is as terrifying as a T. rex.

Close-up of underwater plants

Underwater Observatory

See what it’s like to come face to face with the world’s only Mosasaur in the ultimate underwater tunnel. Just a few inches of glass stand between you and this magnificent predator’s gaping jaws.

Kids in dinosaur masks

Gentle Giants Petting Zoo

Experience the thrill and joy of getting up close and personal with docile baby dinosaurs. Located by the Visitor’s Center, the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo lets you see, pet, and feed all of your favorite herbivores. Feeling adventurous? Saddle up and ride a tiny Triceratops! A good rub under their frill and they’ll take you anywhere. Fun for guests of all ages. Helmets required.

Feed a Baby Dinosaur

Our park’s newest members can’t wait to meet you! See our baby dinosaurs hatch at the Hammond Creation Lab.

Origin Night Club

Dance til the dawn of a new era. DJ Kid Business has been waiting 65 million years to let that bass drop!