Jurassic World
Apex Predator Package

10 days



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Experience Jurassic World as Isla Nublar royalty

Go to the front of any line, get exclusive behind the scenes access to many of our dinosaurs and receive A-list treatment at all of our clubs, hotels and restaurants. If you are prepared to spare no expense on the adventure of your lifetime, this is the package for you.

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Private Dinosaur Feedings

Experience a thrill like no other—arrange to feed another apex predator. Our dinosaur behaviorists will safely guide you as you prepare a meal for one of our extraordinary carnivores.

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Head of State Accommodations

Jurassic World has seen its fair share of world leaders, past and present. Whether you rule with an iron claw or a velvet frill, lead with a baton or a microphone, our accommodations will exceed your needs and your expectations.

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Personal 25-Hour-A-Day Concierge

You demand more from your day, and our world renowned 25-Hour-A-Day Concierge understands. If the desire strikes and it exists on Isla Nublar, our Concierge will move heaven, dinosaur and earth to make it happen for you.

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Origins Nightclub Bottle Service

Only the most ‘V’ of VIPs get behind the velvet rope at Origins Nightclub. As one of our most-valued guests, you’ll be attended to by the best-looking staff on the planet, meet DJ Kid Business and receive your first premium bottle of spirits on the house.

Featured Reviews

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My family and I are used to only the finest things in life, and the Apex Package did not disappoint. We were rushed to the front of every line and to the finest table in every restaurant. Our accommodations delighted myself and the children, but my wife thought it all a touch colonial. Our concierges Guillermo and Miguel were ever-present but not distracting, and oh, my! the dinosaurs were something else entirely. It truly is all about those magnificent beasts when it all comes down to it. Truly marvelous.
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From start to finish our trip to Jurassic World deserves an A+. Masrani, you’ve outdone yourself once again.
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My room felt like an attempt at luxury, not the real thing. We’ve stayed at hotels all over the world and it’s a stretch to call this a four-star resort. The mattress was too firm. This would be fine if I was not paying an arm and a leg. There were other rooms with their doors open that looked much nicer than mine. Mine was facing the Mosasaur arena, not the mountain view they show on the website. Do NOT get a west-facing room.