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4 days



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Make your stay at Jurassic World a family affair

Whether you’ve got little ones, teenagers or grandparents in tow, you’ll feel right at home as you lead your brood down Main Street and into the heart of Isla Nublar.

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You should never have to run through millions of years of dinosaur history in a hurry. With an entire island to explore, the 4-day pass gives you enough time to take your pack through the entire park. Some attractions may be too intense for small children.

Image of Mr. DNA

Mr. DNA Meet & Greet

Shake hands or bump fists with our park’s most beloved character: Mr. DNA. He will make the complex world of paleogenetics digestible for Jurassic World lovers of all ages. Meets at the Hammond Creation Lab. Call for available times.

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Safari Breakfast Adventure

Whether your kids love pancakes, churros or cereal, they’ll eat up this adventure in the Dawn of the Dinosaurs in the Gallimimus Valley. A family memory to last a lifetime.

Blue stuffed dinosaur toy

Create Your Own Stuffed Dinosaur

Fire up your family’s imagination at Jurassic Traders and let each of your kids create a plush dinosaur as unique as they are. (Older children may choose a free 3-D printed dinosaur instead.)

Kids digging for dinosaur bones

Jurassic Kids’ Club reservations

Drop your children off at the Jurassic Kids’ Club. They’ll be entertained, fed and kept safe from the dinosaurs and each other, as you tend to more grownup activities around Isla Nublar.

Featured Reviews

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My two boys Dante and Aydin are always either fighting or on their screens. While we were at Jurassic World they were usually too busy having a blast in the park to do either. And even though Dante threw my wallet into the Mosasaurus lagoon one of the courteous Isla Guides was able to scoop it out with a net. And though my boisterous sons are usually the bane of my lovelife—thank God for the Jurassic Kids’ Club. My husband and I were able to hit Origins Nightclub and have a great romantic night out—which we haven’t had since the first Jurassic era. My sons might be surprised when we leave them with Nana and come back for the Romance package next year.
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This is what our daughter Sienna wrote in her What I Did In My Summer Vacation Report: “JURASSIC WORLD IS THE BEST!!! I SAW DINOSAURS! IN REAL LIFE! DINOSAURS! A TRICERATOPS ATE FOOD PELLETS OUT OF MY HAND AND ITS TONGUE FELT LIKE SANDPAPER!!!” We agree with her. Jurassic World = the PERFECT family getaway! We had so much fun, we already booked tickets to go back next year and even reserved the same room again.
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You’d think that with all the money they spend on the dinosaurs, they’d figure out how to install towel warmers in the bathrooms. Nothing worse than getting out of the shower to be greeted by a cold wet towel from the person who went before you. Clearly the designers of this hotel have never traveled with teenagers.