Jurassic World
John Hammond Package

3 days



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Students, dinophiles, and proto-paleontologists, this package is for you

Experience the scope and depth of John Hammond’s vision with hands-on interactions and an exclusive tour behind the scenes of the Hammond Creation Lab. We know you love dinosaurs—now’s your chance to reach out and touch one.

Photo of Brian Switek

Paleontologist One-on-One

Get an in-depth paleo-education with our resident paleontologist Brian Switek. He’ll take you behind the scenes to ‘Employee Only’ portions of the park to see how we care for our biggest Isla Nublar residents.

Photo of dinosaur egg

Dinosaur Hatching

(When conditions permit.) Witness a birth millions of years in the making. As these sharp little beaks break through, and a little dinosaur emerges, you might literally be the first thing this tiny T. rex locks eyes on.

Scientists in laboratory

Creation Lab Tour

Step behind the scenes of the Creation Lab and see how our geneticists are sequencing Jurassic World’s next evolution from the world’s largest collection of paleo-DNA rich amber.

Kids in Gyrosphere

Guided Gyrosphere Tour

Join our Isla Guides and get rolling across Gallimimus Valley for a guided tour that will non-intrusively follow the dinosaur herds. Observe the pack as they forage for the best ferns and plants on Isla Nublar, care for their young and even do their business.

Featured Reviews

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As a longtime dinophile and autodidact, the emergence of Jurassic World and its reborn dinosaurs has long held only the utmost of fascination as a field of academic inquiry for me. Without hesitation I purchased the Hammond Package to inspect these resurrected anachronistic animal anomalies. I was delighted through and through by their appearance, and the presence of Jurassic era vermiform plantlife only added to that acclaim. My only regret is that Hammond et al. had to cut corners with the amphibian DNA viz-a-viz hybridization. You don’t need to be a birder to know that dinosaurs were feathered.
Photo of reviewer
My son Mason has always loved dinosaurs. More than trucks, more than soccer, more than video games. It was the dream of a lifetime to send him to the park walking in the footsteps of literal dinosaurs and giants in the field of paleontology. This was the perfect tour package for him—any other school trip is just a “paleo” imitation.