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Step into the modern age of prehistory

The Jurassic World Standard Package provides you with everything you need to experience the best on any budget. Perfect for first-timers looking to get the most value out of their Isla Nublar experience.

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You can’t put a price on seeing dinosaurs live and in the flesh, but these 3-day Jurassic World tickets are included in the Standard Package.

Map of Isla Nublar

Isla Nublar Map

A special souvenir Jurassic World map that you’ll want to keep for a lifetime.

Inside standard hotel room

Standard Room

Our best value. Several hotels to choose from, all with air-conditioned rooms with comfortable beds, flat-screen TVs and free WiFi. Pools at every property, all within a hop, skip and stomp of the nearest dinosaur attraction.

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Souvenir Flashlights

Not only will they guide you to and from the nearest ice machine, but these Jurassic World flashlights will serve you well in Isla Nublar’s darkest hours.

Featured Reviews

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It was the dream of a lifetime to come visit Jurassic World and see dinosaurs in person. With the standard package we were able to do it without living on ramen and office coffee for a few years. Irregardless. We’ve had some amazing adventures but there is literally no bigger adventure to be had on the face of the earth. We love Jurassic World!!!
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I have loved dinosaurs since I was a young boy and going to Jurassic World was so exciting I almost cried. I want to make it clear that I didn’t actually cry, I was just close to crying. If you saw me crying while I was at Jurassic World, you must be mistaken or have me confused with someone else. Just wanted to write this review to let you know that the man crying behind the T. rex paddock on Sunday was not me. I’m subtracting one point because a Pteranodon flew off with my grandfather’s favorite hat.